60 Questions – How curious are you about yourself? 

60 Questions – How curious are you about yourself? 

What is a good life? – How can I stop the inner critic? – What is success for me? – How can I make myself happy? – What is the purpose of my life?   

Once I’ve found the answers to these questions, then everything will be fine! – Really! I’m sure!  

Asking questions is a beautiful thing  

Being driven by curiosity is one of the best things in life. These Heureka moments, once I found out something, the light is turned on, and I can finally see clearly. Simply wonderful, inspiring, and motivating. I want more of this.  

It is a different story if those moments don’t come. Especially the answers to the BIG questions seem to be elusive like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once I am there, it is gone.  

It is so challenging and, therefore, sometimes unbelievably frustrating to find answers to these questions. Sometimes to can get hold of something, life is good. So good. That’s it! But – Bamm! – some detail changes, and this little something is gone again.  

But I am lucky: So many others have already found the answers. They found their pot of gold. And they even tell me in detail how they did it. They have a treasure map and sell it. Great! The answer! The solution! Finally! – Give me the map.  

But something is wrong. Why is this not working? What am I doing wrong? Do I hold the map upside down? Why does it look so different around here than on the map? Where did I take the wrong turn? What is wrong with me? Why do I not get to the place marked with “X”? What is wrong with me? This HAS to work! Everybody else is happy with this map! It must be me. I am too stupid to do it right, even if I have a detailed plan! 

My treasure island 

We are all on our personal treasure hunt on our very special island. Some landscapes may be similar like on other islands, but a lot of them are different. Therefore not one treasure map fits all islands. Thus treasure maps of other people do not work. Or only partially, when some of their landscapes are similar to your surroundings. The precious stuff, your treasures, can not be found this way. 

So you have to search your private island for your treasures and gems. Draw your map. Collect what you find along your way.  

OK, OK, but what does this mean precisely?  

Get to know yourself better by ignoring the BIG questions and instead playing the game indirectly, answering questions that are easier to answer. That are more fun to think about. And as the most challenging task: Do not take it too seriously! At least from time to time.  

But it is about „MY HAPPINESS“! – Yes, exactly! 

60 questions  

Starting next Friday, I will post one question every week. 
60 questions – 60 weeks. 

The following Saturday, I will publish my answer to the question on my blog (www.ichbinviele.de/blog

The challenge ends on November 13th, 2021. 

Please join if you like to. Just read. Or answer the questions yourself. Think about it; write about it, in privacy, or publicly on your blog, page, podcast, or social media account.  

And: Simply having fun with it. That is also OK. No further activity is required.  

In Short: Do whatever you want with it.  

If somebody joins in, I’ll be happy as a cat with the cream pot.  
And I’ll be happy to re-post. 

Only one request: If you join publicly, please reference the source as @ichbinviele_insta or www.ichbinviele/blog. Thank you!  

Besides all that, I am incredibly curious myself: If somebody will actually read this or if somebody will participate. I am curious how I will answer the questions. If there will be public answers. I am wondering who I might meet because of this.  

The treasure hunt will start Friday, September 18th, 2020.  
Please leave a comment if you will join in.  


PS: And for those of you who want to read a more rational reason than „draw your own treasure map”, read on here.  

The better I know myself, the lesser I am surprised by my own “strange” actions and reactions. The more I can understand why I act how I act. I can probably detect where I drive on autopilot and what my typical reaction patterns are. 

I also believe that understanding yourself better leads to a better understanding of others. Because I see my ambiguities better and can then connect to others in a broader, more variable way. I can act more like myself over time. Become more true to my authentic self. I can consciously change behaviors if I want to, based on my observations. Or I am happy with who I am and how I act because, finally, I realized what I am doing. 

That‘s my theory. 

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