I am not broken – do not try to fix me

I am not broken – do not try to fix me

It is an important realization, that you are never something like „damaged goods“ or broken in a sense that you need to be repaired.

At some point, I understood that I just had emotions that signaled a need that I had. 

So sometimes:

I was frustrated and needed to vent.

I was hurt and needed to grief.

I was in pain and needed to be comforted.


For some people, these might be uncomfortable or undesirable emotions at that particular moment.

It is OK if they are in no position right now to give me what I need.

This might be tough stuff they don’t feel like confronting right now. I understand that.

It is OK. – They are OK.

But I might need somebody else right now. This is also OK.


Note to self:

Do not allow anybody to make you believe that you need (just) some fixing

when the only thing you need to do is processing your feelings.

In your time. In your way.

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